As everybody can imagine, owning a small business is HARD. We moved to Vermont with the vision to make an run in while everybody else is running a love on this beautiful state...and to help those who need it most! Since we have taken over the store almost 1.5 years ago (insert shocked face), this business has grown in such a way that we are very proud of the growth we've made. But it is not enough... we are struggling HARD. We need to raise a decent amount of money going into the new year or we will not survive the first few months, which are historically the toughest on the store. The store loses money, there is just no way around it. And without some money saved up, the end is inevitable.

We are asking for your purchase purchase donate money...any way you can...we have set up a link for a PRE-ORDER. (If you are not local...we will ship to you! ??)We've tried to make it as easy as possible. Once we get enough orders in we will make our first run of shirts, stickers, etc.

We have worked so hard to make this store a place that our community loves to come to, and you have shown us love back and appreciation for what we are doing. But we are asking you to go a little extra further and help us get through these winter months. We have a dream of this store being around for a very, very, long time...but as they takes a village...and we need the village!

So out where you is much appreciated!